Egypt Ziyarah Tour 2023


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Experience the Islamic, spiritual, and academic heritage of Egypt during a seven-day voyage of Cairo, Alexandria, and Humaithara*. Between the ziyarahs, Nile, museums, and bustling bazaars, seekers are bound to find treasure across Egypt’s capital and beyond.

Led by Shaykh Mufti Wajid Iqbal, Shaykh Waseem Ahmed, Sayyid Qari Muhammad Shu’ayr, and accompanied by the world famous Abu Shaar brothers, this truly promises to be a truly life changing experience.

With so much to see and do, we have meticulously planned this trip to help unlock a higher state of consciousness and deliver an unforgettable excursion, as we: pay homage to the beloved Ahl al-Bayt (family of the Prophet) by visiting the maqams of Imam al-Husayn, Lady Zaynab, and Lady Nafisa; show deference for the might of the noble Companions by visiting our liege-lords Abu al-Darda, and ‘Uqba ibn ‘Amir; and salute some of the greatest personalities of Islam, by visiting Imam Abu al-Hasan al-Shadhili, Imam Abu al-Abbas al-Mursi, and Imam Ibn Ata Allah al-Iskandari.

In total, we will visit numerous maqams of great Islamic luminaries and personalities (full list available on request).

*Humaithara is an optional extra at a cost of £200

  • Departs Sat 21 Oct 2023
  • Returns Sat 28 Oct 2023
  • Extensive guided ziyarahs & tours
  • Visiting over 70 Different Maqams in Cairo and Alexandria
  • Led by Shaykh Mufti Wajid Iqbal, Shaykh Waseem Ahmed, and Sayyid Qari Muhammad Shu’ayr
  • Accompanied by Abu Shaar (world famous nasheed band)
  • Includes visit to the Pyramids
  • Includes Burdah Khatam at Imam Busiri's Maqam
  • Includes optional visit to Humaithara
  • Includes ground transport, airport transfers, and entry visa
  • Includes short-connecting flights with Lufthansa (LHR & MAN)


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Sign Up For Egypt Ziyarah Tour

Whether you want more information about our visit to Egypt, or if you wish to visit Egypt with us: recite "Bismillah", make the sincere intention of vising the blessed lands, and kindly sign up or give us a call.

Experience one of the most important religious sites in the world

Jerusalem is no ordinary city. It is home to some of the most recognisable landmarks in the world. In fact, the Prophet ﷺ strongly encouraged us to visit the third holiest site in Islam, alongside Makkah and Madinah.

Enrich your Aqsa experience by visiting Jerusalem Under Scholarly Guidance and Mentorship

Experience a higher state of consciousness with this life changing trip led by Shaykh Imam Zameer Sattaur, President of Sara International Travel and Imam of the MTA New York City, as well as the Imams of Masjid al-Aqsa.

Bask in the glory of al-Aqsa and its surroundings

Masjid al-Aqsa is the second oldest mosque in the world after Masjid al-Haram in Makkah, and there are many narrations - from the Qur’an and Sunnah - which exalt its heritage in Islamic tradition. Did you know: Masjid al-Aqsa was the first qiblah for the Muslims; one of the Prophet’s ﷺ greatest miracles took place here during Isra wal Mi’raj; hundreds of Prophets are laid to rest around al-Aqsa; many noble companions are buried here also; al-Aqsa is mentioned 70 times in the Noble Qur’an (directly and indirectly); al-Aqsa is where the Prophet ﷺ led all the other Prophets and Messenger in prayer; al-Aqsa is the only masjid mentioned by name in the Holy Qur’an apart from Masjid al-Haram.

Bring the rich heritage of Islam to life with professionally guided tours

Discover more of the Islamic world with Sara International Travel escorted tours. Our accredited tour guides will bring to life the streets of Jerusalem and Istanbul with authentic experiences that will connect you with over 1000 years of history, politics, and stunning art and architecture. During this trip we will visit: Masjid al-Aqsa and everything within the Compounds; The Dome of the Rock; Maqaam of Prophet Sulaiman (as); Prison for the Jinns of Prophet Sulaiman (as); Graves of Companions Shidaad ibn Aws (ra) and 'Ubadah ibn Samit (ra); Wailing Wall: Important for the Jews but also place where the Prophet (saw) tied the Buraaq (White Steed) in Israa wal Mi'raaj; Khanqah (place of seclusion) of Salahuddin al-Ayyubi (rh); Residence of Imam Ghazali (rh): where he stayed in Jerusalem;Female Madrasah in Masjid al-Aqsa Compound; Hebron: Masjid Khalil: Graves of Prophet Ibrahim (as), Ishaaq (as), Ya'qub (as) and Sarah (Wife of Prophet Ibrahim); Bethlehem: Church of Nativity: Apparent Birthplace of Jesus (as); Temple of David; Church of the Holy Sepulcher: Holiest place for Christians; Mount of Olives: Mentioned in the Qur'an Church of Mary: Apparent place where Maryam (as) is buried; Maqaam of the Companion Salman al-Farsi (ra) & Rabia al-Basriyyah (rh); Masjid Umar bin al-Khattab (ra): Place where he performed Prayer after the conquest of Jerusalem; the Topkapi Palace; the Blue Mosque; the Hippodrome, Hagia Sophia; the grand Bazaar; Grave of Companions Ayyub Al-Ansari (ra); Suleymaniye Mosque; and Panorama 1453 Museum.

Flights and Transport

Inclusive with our Experience Aqsa tour, we offer convenient flights starting from London Heathrow to Istanbul, then Istanbul to Tel Aviv, and finally Tel Aviv back to London Heathrow. Also, throughout your trip, all ground transportation is provided.

National Hotel, Jerusalem

We will spend 4 nights at the National Hotel in Jerusalem, which is conveniently located three streets away from the heart of the old city. Breakfast and dinner is complimentary.

Legacy Ottoman Hotel, Istanbul

We will spend one night at the Legacy Ottoman Hotel, which is located in Fatih, the heart of Istanbul. Breakfast will be served.