As per your Terms & Conditions, can you please explain the cancellation fee for cancelling a booking without a valid reason?

Since we incur costs in cancelling your travel arrangements, you will be required to pay cancellation charges. View our booking terms and conditions for more details on our cancellation policy.

If Hajj 2021 is postponed as it was in 2020 and 2021, will I be entitled to a refund?

In the case one of our tour packages cannot go ahead due to COVID-19 regulations, we’ll be in touch as soon as we can to offer you the chance to change your booking to a different package, to arrange a credit note, or a full refund.

View our booking terms and conditions for more details.

Will the price of the package increase if room occupancy is reduced due to regulations imposed by the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah?

The cost of the package may be affected by various factors such as VAT increases by the Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, room occupancy regulations, exchange rates, etc. If there are any changes in price, you will be notified immediately.

View our booking terms and conditions to find out more about your rights to accept or decline price increases.

Will the price of your Hajj package increase from the current advertised price?

Due to the current unpredictable travel climate, advertised prices may subject to change. The cost of the package may be affected by various factors such as VAT increases by the Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, room occupancy regulations, exchange rates, etc. If there are any changes in price, you will be notified immediately.

View our booking terms and conditions to find out more about your rights to accept or decline price increases.

What does the latest Covid vaccine news mean for travelling for Hajj?

Saudi Arabia’s Health Ministry have recently confirmed that vaccination would be “the main condition for participation in Hajj 2021” after Health Minister, Tawfiq Al Rabiah, previously stated that “compulsory vaccinations” would be required for all pilgrims.

Saudia Arabia began their vaccination program on December 17 2020, with the Moderna, Pfizer, and AstraZeneca jabs being approved for use. The Health Ministry have also began a programme where it would see Makkah becoming the first city in the world where 100% of its residents have been vaccinated.

Are PCR tests mandatory before travel?

Yes, as it currently stands, pilgrims must provide a negative printed PCR test result (also known as a fit-to-fly certificate) in English or Arabic (from verified laboratories). This test must be performed 72 hours prior to arriving in Saudi Arabia.

Can you wear a mask whilst in state of Ihram?

Yes, it is permitted to do. There is no sin, nor is there any penalties (dam).

If there are restrictions in numbers imposed by the Ministry of Hajj for Hajj 2022, how will you decide who will be allocated a space on the package?

We are still awaiting for official confirmation from the Ministry of Hajj for their criteria for Hajj 2022 pilgrims. Upon receiving this, we will begin to assess pilgrims (with consultation from our medical staff) that may fall within the high risk/vulnerable group.

We can assure you that we will adopt a fair approach to decide who is able to travel and will give priority to those who have booked the earliest with us. However, these allocations are dependent on the numbers permitted by the Ministry of Hajj, so it is still too early to confirm.

Will you be providing PPE throughout the trip?

Yes, we will provide face masks, face shields, anti-bacterial hand gel, and sanitising wipes.

We will be following all Governmental guidelines to ensure we have the required safety measures in place during various aspects of the services we provide.

Will you be adhering to social distancing?

Yes, we will follow the guidelines set forth by the UK and Saudi governments.

We will also be reducing the number of pilgrims in each one of our groups so that there is social distancing in place during transit and transfers throughout the trip, as well as coordinating with our hotels to review their room sharing policies.

These measures are continually being reviewed, so further precautions may be added.

Is there any travel insurance policies that covers for COVID-19?

We highly recommend all pilgrims to purchase adequate travel insurance. There are many insurers which now provide policies that cover for COVID-19, which provide cover if you test positive for COVID-19 before you travel.

Please note, travel insurance is not included as part of any of our packages, and this remains your responsibility to arrange. You must be satisfied that your insurance fully covers all your personal requirements including cancellation charges, medical expenses, pre-existing medical conditions and repatriation in the event of accident or illness.

Do the Hajj packages come with any insurance policies?

Our Hajj packages include payments for medical cover with the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah. This policy covers you for a maximum limit of 100,000 SAR (per person), and includes:

  • Hospitalisation;
  • Shared rooms and board for patients, including bed cost, nursing care, medical visits, medical supervision, and subsistence services. This include the cost of medications and medical supplies that maybe prescribed (capped at a maximum of 600 SAR per day).
  • Emergency pregnancy support (capped at a maximum 5,000 SAR during the policy period).
  • Travel costs for a carer (capped at a maximum of 5,000 SAR during the policy period).
  • Emergency dental treatment (capped at a maximum 500 SAR during the policy period).
  • Injuries resulting from traffic accidents.
  • Medical evacuation inside and outside the Kingdom.
  • Repatriation in case of death (capped at a maximum of 10,000 SAR during the policy period).

The full details of the policy is available at

Does anyone accompany the group from the UK?

Yes, our Hajj Facilitators will accompany the group throughout the entire Hajj 2021 experience.

Do you provide any religious guidance?

Our aim is to insha'Allah help prepare the pilgrim for the 'Journey of a Lifetime'. Led by our scholars, our team will be on hand to offer total guidance and support at every stage of the Hajj 2021 experience. Prior to departure we will be arranging Hajj seminars and webinars that will teach the rituals of Hajj & Umrah; detailing the legal and spiritual aspects of the fifth pillar of Islam. We will also hold regular lectures throughout Hajj 2021 with comprehensive question and answer sessions.

How can I secure and book my seat?

In order to confirm your booking, we will need a minimum deposit of £2000 per person, which can be paid through online banking, cheque, or cash. You will also need to ensure that you agree to our Terms and Conditions.

Is room occupancy guaranteed?

Once you have confirmed your booking, your requirements for room occupancy will be honoured. Please note, occupancy based on room size (double and triple occupancy) only applies to hotels in Makkah and Madinah, if you require special arrangements for Aziziyah also, then an additional charge of £545 (per unused bed) will need to be paid.

Can a woman travel without a mahram or husband?

A condition of Hajj is that all women must be accompanied by either her husband or a Mahram (a male that one cannot marry according to Islam). Women over the age of 40 are now exempted and can travel with a group.

How are men and women accommodated?

In Makkah and Madinah, room occupancy is based on the requirements specified at the time of the booking. In Aziziya, unless specified, men and are women are segregated in separate rooms. In Mina, men and women are segregated in separate tents that are close to one another.