Earlier today, the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Hajj and Umrah announced that year's hajj pilgrimage will be limited to no more than 60,000 people, with a new stipulation being added that it is only open to residents and citizens within the Kingdom due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Full Statement From the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah

"The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah confirms that the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia always attaches great importance to the safety, health and security of pilgrims, and places this at the forefront of its priorities, in compliance with the purposes of Islamic Sharia in preserving the human soul, while providing all the necessary facilities that facilitate Guests of the Most Merciful can perform the rituals of Hajj and Umrah, and enable them to reach the holy sites with ease and ease. During the past ten years alone, the Kingdom has been honored to serve more than 150 million pilgrims.

In light of what the whole world is witnessing of the continuing developments of the emerging Corona Virus (Covid 19) pandemic and the emergence of new mutations in it, the competent authorities - health and organizational - have worked to closely monitor the global health situation, in order to ensure that the Hajj rituals are performed and facilitated according to an optimal model, in light of The rapid developments accompanying this epidemic, the extent of the progress of the countries of the world in immunizing their citizens and residents, and the number of infections there, accompanied by warnings of the danger of an increase in the spread of infection and injury in human gatherings, issued by the World Health Organization, and from the concerned authorities in the Kingdom and in many countries.

And given the nature of the crowds in the Hajj, which spend extended times in multiple and specific places according to the order of performing the rituals, which makes the application of the highest levels of health precautions a very vital matter, to protect the health of the pilgrims and ensure their safety.

It was decided to limit the availability of registration for those wishing to perform the Hajj rituals for the year 1442 AH to citizens and residents inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia only, through the electronic path for pilgrims that will be launched by the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah, in order to ensure that the rituals are performed in health, security and safety, while adhering to regulatory controls, health standards and security requirements in All stages of performing the obligatory prayer, as follows:

- The total number of pilgrims for the year 1442 AH is (60,000 pilgrims), for residents of all nationalities and citizens in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The health condition of those wishing to perform Hajj for the year 1442 AH should be free of chronic diseases.

- Performing the Hajj rites for this year 1442 AH will be limited to age groups from (18 to 65 years) for those vaccinated, according to the controls and mechanisms followed in the Kingdom for immunization categories (vaccinated, or vaccinated who completed one dose and spent 14 days, or vaccinated recovering from infection)."

The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah also indicates that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is honoured to host pilgrims every year, confirms that this arrangement comes out of its constant concern for the health, safety and security of pilgrims as well as the safety of their countries as well, and therefore it has been keen to develop operational plans to achieve all requirements and the availability of all health standards which will be announced during the press conference that will be held today, emphasising the need to follow all precautionary measures and apply them while performing the pilgrimage.

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