Talking about the technology, it can be said that technology is conquering the world, encouraging and scoping the industries towards the advancement and development fantasies. No doubt, we find the technology doing or say playing a significant role in today’s industry. We see technology driving us to the extreme comfort and convenience level in every aspect of a broader sense. It’s something to be called an evolution for the good or the evolution of comfort. Today, we grow up seeking comfort and convenience factors in every aspect of the world..

Following the trend and leaving no bit of the industry, the technology also penetrated Hajj and Umrah pilgrimages. As mentioned above, the demand for comfort is on hype; we can see the technology proving to make the most challenging pilgrimages for Muslims like Hajj and Umrah to be more convenient. The introduction of technology into the Hajj and Umrah industry is seen as luring many believers from across the world to the sacred land.

Earlier, few constraints or no easy access to which the believers could not make it to perform the sacred events, however the ones with healthy intentions, determinations, and capabilities did make it. But the technology transformed the criterion, and today we see over 2 million pilgrims performing Hajj and Umrah each year in the sacred land, Mecca. Technology now seems to be making many believers' dream to achieve the essential holy events of life coming true.

Let’s shed some light on the factors of technology that improved the pilgrimage experience.

Modernised Infrastructure

Firstly, the infrastructure of the sacred land today will have you wondering about how the place looked like before; the place is thoroughly modernized, providing every facility a pilgrim would need during his pilgrimage. The place's improvised infrastructure makes it a beautiful sight of a pilgrimage destination any religion never had. We have the improved resources for the older and weak pilgrims whose legs don’t support performing the rigorous rituals. There are few arrangements made for them like wheelchairs and others, making it possible for everyone to perform the pilgrimage to their content.

Secondly, the convenience of traveling to the sacred land

Back to the ages, we had people traveling to Mecca on foot to perform the sacred events. In earlier days, the people faced many hardships to travel to the holy lands to perform the pilgrimage, from carrying their provisions to finding the direction to their destinations, people managed all the traveling stuff by themselves. However, they traveled in groups, but few never minded traveling alone. Although they knew about the hardships and days it would take to reach the destinations, they never gave up, the Prophet’s statement, “One who leaves his house with the pure intentions of performing the pilgrimage and if dies amidst his way then he will be granted a place in Jannah,” kept the guts alive in the believers.

And today, we make arrangements to travel to Mecca and perform pilgrimage in our own comfort space through travel agencies. We are provided with the services that allow us to make them all arrangements for us from traveling to food and accommodation, we got them at just one click or call. All thanks to technology!

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Last but not least, Apps and devices standing by you!

With many devices and apps invented to help the pilgrims in various aspects of guiding and performing the sacred events, we see people embracing the technology in the Hajj industry and seeking for more advancement. There are few apps and devices that allow people to find the routes and directions to the destinations, know about the rituals beforehand, prepare for them, find the language's translations improving the interaction between the pilgrims, and many more.

The Hajj industry is diving into the depths of technology to bring out the more resources that can make things easy for the people. Let’s look ahead for what more advancement we will be witnessing in the Hajj industry. No matter what, we are blessed for having it!



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