1.The Friday prayers require Muslims to clean and purify themselves by bathing and adoring themselves in the best manner.

Sayyiduna Umar [Allah is pleased with him] reports that the Holy Prophet [peace be upon him] said that: "The person who comes to offer prayers during the Friday congregation should bathe himself first." [Bukhari, Muslim].

2. Perform good deeds on Friday, especially the frequent remembrance of Allah (dhikr), recitation of the Holy Qur’an, prayer, sadaqah, charity, visiting the sick, etc.

Hazrat Abu Huraira [Allah is pleased with him] reports that the Holy Prophet [peace be upon him] said: "The most important day that ever dawned is Friday. On this day, Adam [peace be upon him] was created, admitted to paradise, expelled, and appointed the vicegerent of Allah. It is on this day also that the Doomsday will descend". [Muslim]

3. Hasten towards the mosque upon hearing the call for Friday prayer. Close your business and stop all activities at once. Listen to the sermon and offer your prayers with devotion.

As the Holy Quran says: "O ye who believe! When the call is heard for the congregation's day's prayer, hasten unto remembrance of Allah and leave your trading. That is better for you if ye did but know. And when the prayer is over, then disperse in the land and seek Allah's bounty, and remember Allah much, that ye may be successful". [Al-Jumah 9-10]

4. Aim to reach the mosque for the Friday prayer as early as possible, in order to be seated towards the front of the masjid.

Hazrat Abu Huraira [Allah is pleased with him] observes: "The people do not know the high degree of reward and blessings reserved for the people who form the first line of the prayer. If they only realised it, they would start drawing lots for the privilege of joining in the first line." [Bukhari, Muslim]

5. Offer the Friday prayers in Jamia masjid (a big mosque), and politely sit in the next available open space. Do not cause harm to any fellow worshipper.

Hazrat Abdullah bin Abbas [Allah is pleased with him] relates that the Holy Prophet [peace be upon him] said: "The person who retreats from the first line of prayer and stands in the second line with the intention that his brother Muslim may suffer no inconvenience, Allah will grant such a man reward and blessing twice as much as to people in the first line." [Tabrani].

6. Listen to the Friday sermon in silence with full attention and eagerness. Make the intention to act upon the message of the sermon with full sincerity for the sake of Allah.

The Holy Prophet [peace be upon him] said: "The man who bathes and comes to offer the Friday prayer, says the prayer which Allah has destined for him, and then sits quietly and listens - to the sermon with full attention and perfect devotion - until the preacher has finished, followed by the obligatory prayer, then Allah shall pardon all his sins which he committed during the period between that Friday and the preceding one, as well as his sins that were committed three days prior.” [Muslim]

7. Offer as many salutations/salawt/durood sharif as you can on the day of Friday.

The Holy Prophet [peace be upon him] has said that: "Invoke as many salutations as you can upon me on Friday. The Angels join in with this invocation and this pray is presented to me." [Ibn Majah]

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