• Observe cleanliness and purity prior to prayer throught ablution and brushing your teeth (preferably with miswak).
  • Wear clean, neat, respectable, and proper clothing for observing prayers.
  • Pray you salah at the requisite time. The prayers have been made obligatory for the believers to be observed at specified hours.
  • Try you best to always pray in congregation. If you do miss the congregational prayer for any reason, try to still read your prayers in a mosque.
  • Pray your salah in a peaceful and restful manner, with your bowing and prostrations done calmly and not rushed.
  • Prepare for prayers upon hearing the call to prayer (adhan) by performing ablution (wudu) and getting to the masjid in time for prayer.
  • If you are acting as an Imam, discharge your responsibility concerning prayer with all the manners and rules prescribed by the religion.
  • Read your prayers with humility, and in such a state that your heart should be filled with a sense of awe, and your entire being should be overwhelmed with trepidation and solemnity.
  • Seek to gain nearness to Allah through salah. Perform your prayers in such a state of mind that you feel you are standing before Allah, or be mindful that Allah is watching you.
  • Perform prayers with eagerness and zest. The formal observance of prayers as if prayer were a burden or a compulsion is no natural form of worship.
  • Recite the Holy Qur'an calmly during the course of prayers, and observe other invocations at a slow pace with careful attention and devotion of heart and mind.
  • Observe prayers regularly, and don't ever miss any prayer. It is the essential attribute of the believers to be regular and punctual in observing prayers.
  • Along with regular observance of obligatory prayers, you should offer supererogatory worship and offer praises to Allah frequently.
  • Observe proper care in keeping the lines straight for offering the prayer in congregation, standing shoulder to shoulder with other attendees.

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