1. Fasting during Ramadan is one of the five pillars of Islam. Fasting brings about great rewards and great blessings. No other form of worship can serve as an alternative to Fasting.

"O ye who believe! Prescribed for you is fasting, as it was prescribed for those before you so that you may become God-fearing." [Quran 2:183]

The Holy Prophet [peace be upon him] said, "The person who fasts with a perfect sense of devotion and accountability, Allah will pardon all of his sins…." [Bukhari]

2. You can be exempt from Fasting if you are ill or have a valid reason.

The Holy Prophet [peace be upon him] said: "Anyone who misses a single fast during Ramadan, except in case of severe illness or on the ground of religious excuse, cannot make amends for this offense by keeping fasts on all the remaining days of his life.” [Tirmidhi]

3. Avoid all forms of sin whilst fasting. The objective is purify oneself and attempt to emulate the righteous.

4.The Holy Prophet [peace be upon him] said: "Fasting is as a shield. When any of you is in a state of fasting, he should take care not to utter any evil speech, or to start an affray...” [Bukhari, Muslim]

5. If anybody cannot observe the fast due to a valid reason, then this fast can be atoned for at a later day.

6. Whilst fasting, stay patient and avoid complaining about hunger, thirst, or weakness.

7. Eating in the sehri meal is a blessing, as mentioned by the Holy Prophet [peace be upon him]: “Eat the meal at dawn, for this meal is full of blessings." [Bukhari]

8. Conclude the fast as soon as the sun sets. The Holy Prophet [peace be upon him] said: "The Muslims will remain in good condition if they hasten to do conclude the fast." [Bukhari]

9. Make supplications in abundance at the conclusion of the fast, this is a time where prayers are accepted.

10. If possible, try to provide meals for those that are fasting, there is much reward in this

The Holy Prophet [peace be upon him] said: "Any man who supplied a meal to a fasting person to conclude his fast, then Allah shall pardon his sins in reward for this act and grant him salvation from Hell-fire…" [Ibn khuzaima]

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