• The best portion of the earth in the sight of Allah is that upon which a mosque is raised. On the Day of Judgement, when there will be no shade anywhere, yet, Allah will keep that person under the shadow of his Heaven whose heart is devoted to the mosque.
  • Render service to the mosque; keep the house of Allah populated. To help the mosque and keep it occupied is a sign of faith.
  • Always perform your obligatory prayers in congregation at the mosque. The mosque should be central to life of a true believer.
  • Travel to the mosque with eagerness and enthusiasm to read your prayers.
  • Keep the mosque clean and tidy. Burn incense, especially on Fridays, so that the whole mosque becomes fragrant with the incense's aroma.
  • Go to the masjid in a state of awe and trepidation.
  • Do not use the mosque as a thoroughfare. On entering the gates of the mosque, it becomes obligatory upon you to say prayers or sit down and engage in the mosque.
  • Maintain a regular system of announcing the prayer call and holding congregational prayers. Appoint only such persons as Mu'asshin and Imam, who are on the whole better than others in their devotion to religion and possess superior character.
  • Encourage your children to go the mosque with you so that they may develop eagerness and enthusiasm for prayers. Show tenderness, love, and affection to children in the mosque.

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