While this list covers most of what will be needed during the course of the journey, it is in no way an absolute list one should consider. Do consider the advice of your fellow friends and families who have also made the journey for further advice.

Travel Essentials

Passport & Visa Documentation

The Hajj authorities will take your passport upon arrival in Saudi Arabia and will return it to you when departing.


Take a sufficient amount of money to cover your expenditure. Draw up a budget before departure. Take a minimum of about 400 SAR (£100 or so), which will help you with your immediate expenses upon arrival in Saudi Arabia, until you become familiar with getting your money exchanged locally.

Debit / Credit Card

Can be used to withdraw money from an ATM machine if your money runs out.

Photocopy of Passport

Both digital and paper based.

Airline Tickets

Both digital and paper based.

Personal Worship

Pocket Qur'an

Although copies of the Quran will be available in the mosque, it’s more convenient to have your own.

Supplication Prayer Book

There are many pocket-sized books which contain supplications from the Qur'an and Sunnah which can be recited throughout your journey.

Du'a List

Make a collection of supplications you’d like to make during your journey, especially during the Day of Arafat, in a notepad in your native language (especially for family and friends).

Prayer Beads

A tasbih or digital counters are very convenient.

Prayer Mat

It can prove very useful during travel and can double up as a sun shield.

Pocket Size Hajj Book

Essential Islam's 'Essentials of Hajj and Umrah' guide-book is the perfect companion for pilgrims who have made the pure intention to travel on the 'Journey of a Lifetime'.


Hard-Shell Suitcase

A good quality suitcase with a hard case and a built-in locking system is recommended.


If you’re performing Hajj, pack a lightweight backpack or travelling bag for your stay and journey between Mina, Arafat and Muzdalifah.

Clothing & Accessories


Take two sets just in case.

Safety Pins / Clips for Ihram

A safety / pin clip can be used to fasten the upper garment of the Ihram so it does not fall from the shoulders.

Waist Pouch or Neck Pouch

Keep your valuables such as money, documents, debit / credit cards and keys in a good quality waist pouch or neck pouch.

Comfortable, Loose-Fitting Clothes

For men, the Saudi Thobe / Jubbah and the Indo-Pak Shalwar Qameez are ideal. For women, the Abaya is the best option.


For men, whilst in you’re in Ihram, your ankles and the top part of your foot (around the shoelace area) need to remain uncovered. Two sets of sandals are recommended.

Medication & Toiletries

Rules of Ihram

Whilst in a state of ihram scented products cannot be used (non-scented products are permitted).


Saudi Sim Card

You’ll need a local sim card to make phone calls. Can be purchased at the airport or in the shopping centres in Makkah and Madinah.

Days of Hajj



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